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Atomizers and Air Classifiers | AUG / AUS / AUW / AC series

One decade of metal powder production and processing machine solutions by Blue Power – 25 years of experience in induction heating

Almost 10 years ago we started to develop and produce machine solutions for the metal powder production and processing industry, e.g., Gas Atomizers for the production of spherical metal powder in small to medium size batches (1.5-25 l crucible volume) and Air Classifiers for the precise separation of metal powders.

In addition to the existing Gas Atomizer Solutions, BluePower has now launched Water Atomizer and Ultra-Sonic Atomizer solutions to meet basically all the requirements for different powder properties and applications.

The vision of BluePower is to make the metal powder production and processing technology accessible for everybody. Therefore, we have developed different machine solutions which can be customized according to the unique needs of each customer.


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