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Ultrasonic Atomizer AUS 500

Overview Ultrasonic Atomizer AUS 500

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Advantages of our crucible-based ultrasonic atomizing principle

Prevention of material loss and inaccuracy of alloy chemistry

due to precise control of the melting temperature via a crucible based induction heating system, while evaporation of alloy ingredients like Zn, Cr etc. is a common issue during plasma-assisted atomization.

Possibility to create own alloy composition inside of the Atomizer’s crucible-based melting system

Alloying with a good stirring/mixing effect due to strong medium- frequency induction generator with simultaneous high heating efficiency. Melting under vacuum or inert gas atmosphere and atomizing under inert gas atmosphere.

Increased yield and production capacity due to higher frequency

Yield for example for Bronze d50= 40-60 µm. Bronze throughput up to several kg/h.

Very small batch sizes down to ~100 g technically and financially viable.

Small footprint

Footprint of just a few square meters including infrastructure

No sophisticated and expensive filter required

for evaporated alloy ingredients otherwise caused by plasma melting

Feedstock can be in more or less any shape – not just pre-alloyed wire or bar

No need for complex and expensive wire production as feedstock material for atomizing, which is time-consuming and requires additional infrastructure like continuous casting machines, a drawing bench etc.

Extremely spherical powder

without any satellites for the highest powder fluidity and bulk density. Could be basically used as well for non-metallic materials (certain fluidity required).

Additional versions following soon

In development: e.g. larger version offering a crucible volume of 1.5 l


Fine-tuning of the particle size distribution is obtained by variation of the ultrasonic frequency and the metal mass flow: