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Water Atomizer AUW 500 – 1000

Overview Water Atomizer AUW 500 – 1000

More about Water Atomizer AUW 500 – 1000

The main differences include

Significantly lower running costs

Compared to Gas Atomization due to the use of water as the spraying medium, but also lower purity and increased surface oxidation

Usually more irregularly shaped powders with increased surface area

Beneficial for recycling/refining and sintering processes. Almost spherical, fine powders suitable for Additive Manufacturing can be obtained, too.

Water atomized metal powder particles in irregular shape

AUW 1000 – advantages

Reliable production of metal powder with narrow particle size distribution and high process yield

Ideal for small to medium amounts

Up to 9 kg bronze or steel per cycle (depending on version). Larger versions in development.

A design for easy handling & cleaning, quick alloy change with minimum cross contamination
The user-oriented and modular structure of the systems ensures optimum accessibility for all work as well as for inspection and maintenance. This construction principle also ensures short installation and training periods.

Anti-oxidation features
The AU machines offer the possibility of oxidation-free processing in the closed-chamber machine by means of de-gassing, vacuum and protective gas features. Oxygen sensor values below 0.5 ppm can be achieved reproducibly.

Specific powder characteristics by use of different atomisation nozzles, water pressure and flow rate

Easy-to-clean concept
Polished stainless steel surfaces prevent powder adhesions in spray chamber, cyclone and collector – all parts are easy to clean without any residues. This way the risk of metal loss and cross-contamination is reduced to minimum.

Dynamic Differential Pressure system for constant metal mass flow
The DDP system is ensuring a constant and controllable metal mass flow, and therewith water-to-metal ratio, independent from the melt level in the crucible.