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Allround Casting Machines | VTC-series

The VTC series: for every metal or alloy you want to cast.

The VTC 100 V – VTC 800 V are extremely versatile casting machines suitable for a wide range of applications – and a number of options that were considered mutually incompatible up to now. Thus, while the VTC series was originally designed as a high-temperature casting machine for casting steel, palladium, platinum etc. (max. 2,000° C), large flasks also make it suitable for economically producing castings in gold, silver, copper, aluminium and other materials.

The machine combines a dual-chamber differential pressure system with a tilting mechanism. The casting process is achieved by rotating the entire melting-casting unit by 90°. One benefit of the tilting system is the use of economically priced graphite or ceramic crucibles (without holes and sealing rods), these tend to have a longer service life. Some alloys, such as copper beryllium, quickly cause crucibles with holes and sealing rods to become untight and therefore useless, and for this reason, many casters have so far processed such alloys only in open systems – which means they can’t choose to optimise the process with overpressure or vacuum.

With the VTC series, these handicaps no longer apply. A vacuum can be produced in the melting chamber and the casting chamber to avoid oxidation processes during melting and air pockets in the casting mould. The flask is automatically pressed against the melting chamber for casting, this makes it possible to switch to overpressure during casting for better mould filling; in addition, the vibration technology optimises the process even further. As well as casting with flasks, casting into ingot moulds is also possible.

New sweep mode vibration system for perfect results even in Pt and Pd

Due to the advanced vibration technology working with variable frequencies and the sophisticated vacuum/pressure system, this machine is perfectly suited for casting platinum and palladium – and all this without the elaborate and sensitive centrifugal mechanism usually required for platinum casting machines
Read more about the vibration advantages…

New generator system controlled via LCD display

A completely new generation of generator and control systems is present in the VTC series. Operation is simple and safe thanks to a clearly arranged and easy-to-use LCD display. All parameters, right down to the variable tilting speed, can be individually set and saved to ensure that recurring castings always produce consistent results.

Vacuum Tilting Casting

More about VTC-series:

VTC 100 – 800 V Ti high vacuum casting machines

Highly reactive metals such as titanium pose particular challenges when casting. The atmospheric conditions in a ‘normal’ vacuum pressure casting machine are completely inadequate for smelting and casting titanium, and the crucibles and moulds need to be made of specific materials.

Hence until now the only way to cast titanium was to use extremely expensive specialised machines. As part of a joint AiF ZIM research project, Indutherm has collaborated with FEM (Schwaebisch Gmuend) under the sponsorship of the Federal Ministry for Economics and Technology (Bundesministeriums für Wirtschaft und Technologie – BMWi) to develop a cost-effective solution for casting highly reactive metals. The ideal structural basis proved to be the VTC 200 V tilting casting machine.

Following numerous modifications, such as completely reconstructed valves and hose connections, special seals and an evacuation and inert gas flushing process tailored to the machine, the prerequisites for the required vacuum of 10-7 bar were met. Furthermore, special crucibles and inductors were developed for the Ti versions, as the ceramic crucibles that are normally used also react with titanium to varying degrees. The new materials also reduce smelting times – and the shorter the smelting time, the less time there is for a possible reaction.

The VTC V Ti machines are not only suitable for casting titanium – they can also be used for any highly reactive metal or alloy, such as copper beryllium etc.

Every model in the VTC range from the VTC 100 V to the VTC 800 V is available in a Ti version.