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MC 60 V

Overview MC 60 V

The Table Top Casting Machine MC 60 V
The compact solution for small series casting in gold, silver and other special jewellery alloys

The MC 60 V has been developed with the user in mind for whom the MC 16 is too small but a simple machine from the large VC series (e.g. the VC 400) is too big or requires too much manual operation. This small high-performance casting machine is ideal for smaller production quantities and can be used for jewellery alloys such as gold, silver, copper and bronze, as well as for alloys of brass and aluminium. Thanks to the vacuum and overpressure functions and the many automatic control features, the machine provides first class castings with little work – suitable for “beginners”.

More about MC 60 V

Rapid and simple casting

MC60-treeThe whole process of casting can be carried out simply, quickly and safely without any real prior technical knowledge of casting.
In the investment machine the gipsum gets mixed under vacuum – correctly dosed and air bubble free. The flask with the wax model gets filled under vacuum, too. Vibration during filling eliminates air inclusions.
The wax is molten off in the furnace and the mould is burnt out.

For small series and single castings

An important issue is the fast casting of master models or of semi-finished material in any desired shape: the MC 60 makes you autonomous from big casting departments. Thanks to the small size of the machine and its equipment, it is an excellent solution for studios and goldsmith workshops with limited space.

Main benefits

  • Very simple use, short training period, very good results even by operators with less experience in casting techniques
  • Excellent price-performance ratio
  • 3,5 kW generator enables quick melting periods
  • Thorough mixing of metal by induction generator (low frequency tuning)
  • Melting under vacuum for reduced danger of oxidation
  • Excellent mould filling because of inert gas / over-pressure, max. 2 bars
  • Low running costs because of inexpensive consumables and the use of flasks without flange
  • NEW: LCD-display with all programm data
  • NEW: vibration technology
  • Excellent ratio machine size to capacity: flasks up to Ø 100 mm x 120 mm h

Technical data MC 60 V

performance max. / electrical connection3.5 kW 230 V single phase
maximum temperature1300° C
crucible volume450 g Au 18 ct
300 g Ag 935
for use of flasks up toø 100 mm x 120 mm H
control paneldigitales Display
automatic vacuum function++
automatic overpressure function++
casting also under vacuum only--
vacuum or overpressure after casting++ -1 up to +2 bar
function washing by inert gas++
vibration system++
supply: co⁣oling water, inert gas argon or nitrogen++
temperature measurement/control++ up to 1.300° C
quality management
interface RS 232++
GSM modemoo
vacuum investment mixer Indumix 2oo
furnace AK 20, 1100°Coo
sand blasting cabinetoo
vacuum pumpoo (min. 8m3/h)
flo⁣or unit--
= standard equipment | = not available | = optional

All machine descriptions and technical data published on this site make no claim to be complete. They are subject to change and therefore they are not basis of contract.

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