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Sintering / Diffusion Bonding | SU-series

Sintering/Diffusion Bonding

Sintering is the optimal process for producing multi-coloured rings, mostly sold as wedding rings. Metals are processed under pressure and at temperatures below the solidification point. The fusion between layers has the same durability as the metal itself. Pre-manufactured rings can be easily resized.

Indutherm offers two methods of sintering:

The sintering kit for installation into existing casting machines or special sintering machines, the SU series.

Sintering Unit

More about SU-series:

SU 450

The new SU 450 is equipped with a highly sensitive sensor system, which permanently controls the reduction of the rings and provides real-time information about the reduction values on the display. The temperature is regulated automatically and very precisely close to the solidus temperature, exactly until the reduction begins. As soon as the pre-defined reduction value has been reached, the process stops automatically and so too much deformation can be eliminated (depending on composition and alloy the pre-defined reduction value lies between 0.1 mm and 0.3 mm).


  • program control for 100 different process cycles
  • LCD display
  • sensor control system for permanent process control
  • real-time display of the reduction
  • no long-winded preliminary tests
    less finishing effort and loss of metal
More about SU 450