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Vacuum Pressure Casting Machines | VC-series

Find the casting solution perfectly fitting to your requirements

The range of our VC series machines reach from small to very large capacities, from semi-automatic systems to solutions for a fully automated casting production. A lot special features are enabling you to optimize each casting according to its individual characteristics.

Efficient process handling

Separate lock systems for Overlapping Casting

All Indutherm VC machines have separate lock systems for the melting chamber and mold chamber. This allows time to be saved by “overlapping” casting: while the mold remains in the vaccuum chamber for several minutes after the casting, you may fill in and heat up the next charge. 

Pneumatic bell lock and closing system

The melting chambers of all VC machines are locked by a pneumatic system. VC 650 V and VC 680 V are additionally equipped with an automatic closing system.

Automatic mold and chamber lift

The mold lift facilitates the handling of the molds. When swivelling-in the vacuum chamber, the inserted mold is lowered and then the chamber is automatically docked. When opening the chamber, the mold is lifted for easy take out. This way you can use of economic molds without flange.

Program control system for fast and certified casting processes

Thanks to the control panel with full text LCD display, all programs and parameters are very easy and convenient to set. The semi-automatic machines offer temperature programs. The fully automatic machines have a program control system involving all parameters. Up to 100 casting programs guarantee fast operation and con­sistent casting results. Parameters are pre-programmed for all major alloys, e.g. for AGS, Alpha Plus, Heraeus, Legor and Pandora alloys. In practice this means: from the first mold, you can expect good casting results without carrying out expensive pre-tests.

The program control and the integrated data printer ensure a high level of safety and the possibi­lity of precise process documentation (important for certified casting processes).

Industry 4.0 ready

As all our systems the VC series machines are equipped with a software and interface management that allows remote service and support and forms the base for future networking with other systems.

Pressure conditions and control – essential for your perfect casting result

Automatic vacuum and overpressure in the melting and mold chambers

Vacuum in the melting chamber provides the degassing of the alloy and avoids undesired oxidation during melting (a low oxygen content is particularly important when casting silver or red gold). Vacuum in the mold chamber during casting improves the form filling when casting filigree parts and avoids air inclusions. In addition, the system switches to overpressure in the melting chamber and increases the pressure difference. 

Oxidation-reduced Casting system

This special feature eliminates the danger of oxidation while the mold is cooling down.

Turbulence Reduction Software

TRS ensures a faster and more laminar metal flow. It improves form filling and avoids that investment particles are broken off at critical areas of the form. 

Turbo Pressure / Turbo Pressure PLUS

It optimises the casting of very small and filigree objects and guarantees perfect results when casting with stones. Turbo Pressure allows a precisely defined pressure to be achieved rapidly. For all program-controlled VC models, depending on the selected program the Turbo Pressure will start automatically exactly at the required time.

The Turbo Pressure PLUS system allows an even higher and faster pressurizing. 

HSC – High Speed Casting

HSC improves even more the filling and surface quality of filigree designs or those with large and flat surfaces. With HSC it’s possible to cast treated colour stones with low mold temperature.

Precise temperature control

Dual temperature control

Temperature measurements in both the crucible wall and the crucible center (integrated into the sealing rod) mean the temperature limits are strictly adhered to.

Mold temperature measurement 

Until recently molds with incorrect or different temperatures were a safety risk. During casting of very small or delicate parts the temperature of the mold is of utmost importance. The measurement of the mold temperature (standard for the machines VC 650 V and VC 680V) is an important feature with regards to safety. The temperature of the mold can be monitored to within one degree.

Vibration technology for enhanced casting results 

The Indutherm Vibration System

  • Vibration during casting generally improves material flow and mould filling
  • Castings exhibit a higher and more consistent density ­
  • Porosity is substantially reduced ­
  • 50% smaller grain size
  • Risk of hot cracks is reduced.
  • Castings have greater stress and elasticity properties, making them easier to process further.

In practice this means: higher and more consistent quality, less waste, less post-processing, better deformability. A customer in USA has discovered that by using Indutherm vibration technology the total production time including post-processing has been reduced by 25% (compared with a machine without vibration).

Sweep Mode Vibration System

The new sweep mode vibration system can do even more: it considers that each casting tree and even each item of a tree has a different resonance frequency, depending on its shape and size. The sweep mode vibration generating variable frequencies covers all natural resonances.


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VC 400

The ideal machine for smaller companies which produce moderate quantities but require considerably more capacity than that offered by the MC machines. Often, experienced casters are not particularly interested in automated functions or program control, and they can achieve the same quality with the VC 400 machine as with more advanced ones.

Its induction generator guarantees a fast heat-up and a thorough mixing of the molten metal by inductive bath movement.

See specification sheet below:

Indutherm VC series vacuum casting machines

More about VC 400

VC 450

This machine is designed for:

  • casting of jewellery and other filigree parts
  • for permanent use
  • for certified production processes

Constructed on base of the VC 400, the VC 450 is equipped with a completely new generator and a program control system with LCD display.
With help of the step-by-step display information and many automatic functions the handling of the machine is very easy even for less experienced users. The program control for 25 different casting cycles allows reproducible and consistent casting results.

See specification sheet below:

Indutherm VC series vacuum casting machines



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VC 480 V

Vibration technology now also in the mid-size class: the highly economic vacuum pressure casting machine VC 480 V

Equipped with the INDUTHERM Vibration System for optimized form filling and castings with reduced porosity, finer grain and optimum post-processing properties. 8 kW induction generator, variable vacuum in the flask chamber. Crucible volume max. 170 ccm = 2,5 kg Au 18 ct Flask size Ø 130 mm x H 260 mm Temp. max 1.600° C

See specification sheet below:

Indutherm VC series vacuum casting machines


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VC 500

For larger production quantities with continuous casting operation, greater performance (shorter casting times) with even larger crucibles and flask capacities (flasks up to 160 mmm ø/400 mm H) is important. The high maximum temperature of 1600°C extends the possible range of alloys. Temperature measurements in both the crucible and the flask mean the temperature limits are strictly adhered to. If alloys are changed frequently, 16 different temperature programs simplify working procedures.
The optional data printer records all the parameters of each casting (ISO 9001).

See specification sheet below:

Indutherm VC series vacuum casting machines


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VC 650 V

Vacuum pressure casting machine with vibration technology

The absolute „State of the art“-machine: the new VC 650 V garantuees highest efficiency –  due to a maximum of rapidness and quality.

See specification sheet below:

Indutherm VC series vacuum casting machines


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VC 680 V (HTC)

Vacuum pressure casting machine with Sweep Mode Vibration Technology and innovative feeding system 

The absolute „State of the art“-machine: the VC 680 V garantuees highest efficiency –  due to a maximum of rapidness and quality.

See specification sheet below:

Indutherm VC series vacuum casting machines


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Specifications VC series machines