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VC 400


Overview VC 400

The ideal machine for smaller companies which produce moderate quantities but require considerably more capacity than that offered by the MC machines. Often, experienced casters are not particularly interested in automated functions or program control, and they can achieve the same quality with the VC 400 machine as with more advanced ones.

Its induction generator guarantees a fast heat-up and a thorough mixing of the molten metal by inductive bath movement.

See specification sheet below:

Indutherm VC series vacuum casting machines

Technical data VC 400

performance max. / electrical connection3.5 kW 230 V or 4.5 kW 3x400 V
maximum temperature1400° C
crucible volume++ 170 ccm = 2,5 kg Au 18 ct *
for use of flasks up toø 130 mm / 240 mm H
dual temperature controloo
flask temperature measurement--
flask and chamber lift++
program control20 temperature programs
turbo pressure function++
quality management
interface RS 232++
data printer--
GSM modemoo
sintering kit (for diffusion bonding)oo
sintering kit (for diffusion bonding)oo
also available as granulating unit--
* Liquid metal up to top level of the crucible
= standard equipment | = not available | = optional

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