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VC 480 V


Overview VC 480 V

Vibration technology now also in the mid-size class: the highly economic vacuum pressure casting machine VC 480 V

Equipped with the INDUTHERM Vibration System for optimized form filling and castings with reduced porosity, finer grain and optimum post-processing properties. 8 kW induction generator, variable vacuum in the flask chamber. Crucible volume max. 170 ccm = 2,5 kg Au 18 ct Flask size Ø 130 mm x H 260 mm Temp. max 1.600° C

See specification sheet below:

Indutherm VC series vacuum casting machines


More about VC 480 V

New programm control system 

Thanks to a new control panel with real text LCD display, all programs and parameters are very easy and comfortable to set.
100 casting programs guarantee fast operation and consistent casting results. For all major alloys, e.g. for AGS, Alpha Plus, Heraeus, Legor and Pandora alloys, the parameters are preprogrammed. That means for you in practice: from the first flask on, you can expect good casting results without making expensive pretests.

Turbulence reduction software

This is a new system for a faster and more laminar metal flow.

The Indutherm Vibration System

The vibration technology (pat. pending) is the most important of all technical features. Independent scientific studies show that:

  • Vibration improves material flow and hence the quality of the mould filling, particularly with complicated moulds.
  • Castings exhibit a higher and more consistent density for all tested alloys and shapes.
  • Porosity is substantially reduced.
  • Risk of hot cracks is reduced.
  • 50% smaller grains
  • Castings have greater stress and elasticity properties, making them easier to process further.

In practice this means:
higher and more consistent casting quality, less waste, less post-processing, more possibilities for further processing.

Technical data VC 480 V

performance max. / electrical connection8 kW 3x400 V
maximum temperature1600° C
crucible volume++ 170 ccm = 2,5 kg Au 18 ct *
for use of flasks up toø 130 mm / 240 mm H
vibration technology++
pneumatic bell lock++
maximum pressure1,5 bar
program controlLCD-Display, full text display
dual temperature controloo
flask temperature measurement--
flask and chamber lift++
variable vacuum in flask chamber++
turbo pressure PLUS system++
turbulence reduction software++
quality management
interface RS 232++
data printeroo
GSM modemoo
sintering kit (for diffusion bonding)oo
granulation tankoo
* Liquid metal up to top level of the crucible
= standard equipment | = not available | = optional

All machine descriptions and technical data published on this site make no claim to be complete. They are subject to change and therefore they are not basis of contract.

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